Yamaha RX100 VS Yamaha RX135? Which RX has more power?

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Yamaha RX100 VS Yamaha RX135? Which RX has more power?

Yamaha RX100 VS RX135, Which is more powerful? This is the most common question I get asked everytime, literally everytime. People are confused whether to choose the RX100 or RX135. I have ridden both RX's and I like the RX100 for it's initial power and RX135 for its refined, smooth engine with amazing top end. I miss the iconic exhaust sound (of the RX100) on the RX135 though. You can never get the iconic beautiful exhaust sound of the RX100 in RX135 because of the engine, so if you are mad about the mesmerizing exhaust sound of the RX100 you will have to get the RX100, But the RX135 is a more practical motorcycle, RX100 is great for city riding but once you leave the city and head onto the highway you feel that the engine feels stressed at high rpms while you're doing somewhere around 80-90kmph. 

On the other hand the RX135 is an amazing bike on the highway, It will cruise 80-90kmph at just 10-20% of throttle, the engine is not stressed at all and RX135 also has better fuel economy. It is difficult to choose one between RX100 and RX135 but I would choose the RX100 for city riding and beautiful exhaust note, I would choose the RX135 for better top end and highway riding. RX135 also has lots of mods that you can do to the engine and whatnot. There are endless possibilities on the 135!  

I have also made a video about the comparison, Watch both part 1 and 2 to understand the differences between the Yamaha brothers. Let me know which motorcycle would you pick and why?

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