Honest Review of Bobo Claw Grip Mobile Holder after using it for 6 Months

Monday, April 19, 2021


I've been looking for a budget mobile holder under 1000 rupees from quite sometime now, but there are some Chinese knockoff's of the ram mount and I do not trust the build quality of those mobile holders. Also I did not want to get into any trouble by getting a cheap quality mobile holder, So I stumbled upon the Bobo Claw grip and ordered it for 1,400 Rupees from Amazon. It is selling for around 1,350 as of now. 

I received the mobile holder in just a day and was surprised by the fit and finish of the product. I then slowly started using the mobile holder, First on my Hero Impulse and as I slowly gained confidence on the quality of the mobile holder, I also used it on my RX135, RX100 and my old 2stroke Jawa 250. 

I am very happy with the mobile holder and It is sturdy even at 90-110kmph speeds. I usually ride 2strokes and I barely go above 110Kmph speed. For my kind of riding I found Bobo claw grip to be very sturdy. It is also very compact and fitting the mobile just takes a minute or two. It is hands down the best mobile holder under 1500 Rupees. I definitely recommend anyone to go for it.  

If you are still in a dilemma to get it, Then Watch my YouTube Review of the Bobo Claw Grip below - 

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