How to Fix "Error Make sure Date/Time settings are correct" in Falcon Pro for Android

Sunday, December 01, 2013

This Error is the most common error found in Falcon Pro for Android.


This basically occurs because of using custom login (also known as hidden login).

First of All, Make Sure you go through my tutorial on "How to Use Falcon Pro Without Twitter Token through Hidden Login Feature for Free"

Follow all those steps in the tutorial, it might fix the error but if you still face that error then follow these steps.

Solution 1 : On Your phone/tablet, Go to Settings>>Date & Time>> Select "Automatic date & time"

If this doesn't works for you then move on to the next solution.

Solution 2 : Go to, Sign in with your twitter account (i assume that you already created an app, if not follow my tutorial Here) Then Go to 'Settings' tab and scroll down till you see 'callback url', make sure its not blank and has a website address starting with 'http://'.

NOTE : You can add any website address there but don't leave the field blank, in My case it is

Solution 3  : Go to https://dev.twitter.comClick On the 'Details' tab, click the button to generate an oauth Access Token

These 3 solutions will surely fix the date/time settings error, if it worked for your please leave a comment below.

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